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Why You Want Kauff’s Transportation for Your Heavy Tows in West Palm Beach

We’re your one and only choice for heavy-duty tows

You might not realize that when it comes to towing that there are several different kinds of tow trucks, including Flatbed trucks, Hook and Chain trucks and Wheel-Lift trucks. And with these different kinds of trucks comes different kinds and levels of towing, including Flatbed, Light-duty, Medium-duty, Heavy-duty. Heavy-duty towing involves the towing of more out-of-the-ordinary vehicles like buses, boats, semi-trailers, garbage trucks, cranes, construction equipment and more. If you’re in the West Palm Beach area and require this kind of heavy-duty towing, then Kauff’s Transportation should be your first and only choice.

Experience, equipment and a commitment to high-quality service

To begin with, Kauff’s fleet of heavy-duty towing equipment is the largest in the Southeast, which means that when you call them first, you spend much less time waiting for assistance, which can be imperative in an emergency situation. You don’t want to be waiting hours for your tow truck to show up when time is of the essence and with Kauff’s, you don’t have to, since our extensive heavy-duty fleet is kept in a carefully-maintained state, it’s always ready to roll. We can handle not just the heavy vehicles like buses, semi-trucks and boats, but also construction vehicles like cranes, dump trucks, different kinds of planes and more. We are experienced professionals, trained to handle and haul large, expensive and extra-long or wide vehicles and equipment. We are also insured by a leading industry insurance provider and our employees are covered by liability insurance and worker’s compensation, so there’s no risk on your behalf, as opposed to hiring an underinsured service and having to deal with the fallout in case of an accident. We have over forty years of experience successfully completing heavy-duty towing, which has put us at the top of the towing industry in the West Palm Beach area and beyond.

Final word

So, if you’re in need of towing, recovery or transport service, Kauff’s Transportation Systems is the best business, especially when it comes to heavy-duty towing. Don’t waste time on other towing services that are ill-prepared or under-resourced. Call Kauff’s instead.

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