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Towing Tips For Fort Lauderdale Drivers

Fort Lauderdale is constantly developing and with that comes a lot of construction. Whether you are trapped on the side of I95 or between local intersections, it might take between 10 to 20 minutes for your tow truck service to arrive. Therefore, we have created a list of guidelines you should follow while you wait for emergency vehicles. If there are small children in the vehicle make sure they are in a safe zone, if possible far away from the road. If you are uncertain of the source of trouble, DO NOT touch anything, especially live batteries. Remember, your safety always comes first.

While driving on the roads of Fort Lauderdale, whether it’s Downtown, Las Olas or around the city you must take some measures to stay safe. As you wait for the tow truck to come and rescue you, it is important that you use certain objects located in the trunk of your car. A great tip is to place the red triangle lamps several yards from your vehicle; this indicates other drivers that you are having trouble with your vehicle, but help is on the way. Another tip that people tend to overlook is locking the car. Just like you would at any other place, make sure that even during this stressful moment, you lock your car. Most importantly make sure that when the tow truck arrives, it is someone with uniform and credentials. From that point on allow the experts to assist you.

Kauff Towing covers Fort Lauderdale and has seven other terminals throughout South Florida. Our experienced, committed and trained personnel will make sure that you get back on the road or home safely and quickly. Our dispatchers and tow trucks are ready 24/7. If you need a tow truck service and you are in Fort Lauderdale or other cities in South Florida just give us a call, our professionals are ready to assist.

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