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Port of Miami Heavy Haul and Equipment Transport

Goods and services are the heart of any economy. As such, the equipment used for the transportation of goods is just as important. Many of us never take the time to think about the products stacked on our grocery store shelves, the abundance of said products, and wide selection.

Kauff’s Transportation Systems takes pride in the part Team Kauff plays in keeping store shelves stocked with affordable items. From equipment like forklifts and cranes essential to daily operation at the Port of Miami to heavy hauls, Team Kauff plays a part.

Keeping order at the Port of Miami assures South Florida’s security and the easy flow in and out of the port. This means goods in a timely manner, and at an affordable cost. In shipping and transportation, time is money. Team Kauff’s equipment and training contribute to keeping prices down for manufacturers, shippers, and consumers.

The towing specialist of Miami-Dade understands the unique environment of a port. We understand the city of Miami and have taken steps that put into consideration the flow of traffic. If it affects the price of goods on the shelf, Team Kauff has considered and implemented it into our transportation strategy. Heavy hauls, getting goods and equipment from place to place is what Kauff’s Transportation System specializes in.

South Florida’s most trusted in towing and transportation for more than 40 years can handle equipment transport, heavy hauls, and more.

South Florida is one of America’s fastest growing regions. The demand for goods and services has increased along with the population. According to the Port of Miami website, 49% of the goods through the port in 2016 came from the Americas and Caribbean.

Local or long-distance haul, Kauff’s heavy-duty wreckers are perfect for the demands on any port. Our expertise and training are the answer to the demands of cargo and cruise companies. Kauff Transportation Systems has a team dedicated to the Port of Miami, a team ready and there at your convenience.

Guarantee there is no hitch in the transportation of goods that have traveled from across the world. We are the perfect choice for crane transports and other large items needing to get to a specific destination in a timely fashion. Our long-distance service and experienced staff see to it transports are always in the hands of a trained Team Kauff professional.

The economic impact of the Port of Miami cannot be understated. More than 8 million tons of cargo went through the Port of Miami in 2016 alone. More than 200,000 jobs are impacted by the Port of Miami. Trust in a transportation that sees more than a bottom line. A company that understands the operational values of the port’s business, its impact on the local economy, jobs, and consumers.

Team Kauff is a part of the South Florida community. We are our community’s number one option when it comes to towing and transportation needs. And, we service it all. Our neighbors can trust us with the timely care of their personal and business needs. Call Kauff’s Transportation today for 24/7 nationwide service. (800) 432-7182 or visit http://www.kauffstransportation.com/

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