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Kauff’s Transportation: The Smartest Choice for Wrecker Service in Doral

When it comes to the best wrecker service, it’s not even close 

If you live in Doral or the wider South Florida area, then when you need wrecker service, you need Kauff’s. Why? Because not only do we guarantee top-quality service with every job, but we’ve been serving St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade County since 1969, so we know what we’re doing. If that’s not enough to convince you, we also have the largest commercial towing fleet in South Florida, and so we’re ready for anything and when there’s an emergency and you require our wrecker services, it’ll be there promptly, with an expert and friendly professional ready to help with whatever you need.

At Kauff’s we do it all

So what falls under the umbrella of “wrecker service?” Wrecker service covers flatbed, light and heavy-duty towing as well as the recovery of damaged vehicles that are sometimes in difficult to get to places. At Kauff’s we do all that and more, including specialized transport of an extreme nature. We’re talking the overweight and oversized: boats, semi-trailers, cranes, construction equipment, buses, planes and whatever else needs moving from one place to another. We boast one of the largest fleet of trucks equipped for specialized transport in the world, so we can definitely handle anything Doral and greater South Florida can throw at us. No job is too difficult for our wrecker service, and no hour too late or early. That’s because we operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no matter what. Problems and emergencies don’t have business hours, and so neither do we. Our mission statement is to be a dominant force in the wrecker service industry by making sure we have the best team, the best trucks, and the absolute best customer service.

Final word 

Whether you need us to perform an underwater recovery, transport a military plane, or you just had a breakdown and need a tow, Kauff’s won’t just get the job done, we’ll get it done quickly, efficiently and safely. So if you’re in Doral or any part of South Florida, give us a call and a member of our wrecker service team will be there.

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