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Kauff’s offers heavy-duty tow truck service in Palm Beach

Tow truck service in Palm Beach

When considering transporting an oversized vehicle, consider the experience and industry expertise that Kauff’s tow truck service in Palm Beach offers. Since 1969, we’ve provided top-notch towing and transport services throughout Florida.
Oversized vehicles such as trucks, car haulers, trailers, and construction vehicles are fragile despite their large size. Tow operators must understand the correct procedures to effectively move the vehicle without damaging the driveshaft or transmission.
Usually, work trucks are assets of a company, but an independent truck owner depends on his vehicle to provide a living. It’s essential to care for your truck even when it’s been rendered unusable due to mechanical failure. The right tow operators will understand how to properly transport your vehicle without damaging it.

Kauff’s handles heavy-duty tow truck services in Palm Beach

Kauff’s heavy-duty tow truck service in Palm Beach usually handles tractor trailers, dump trucks, construction equipment, as well as fire and emergency trucks, among others. We boast a state of the art fleet of heavy duty vehicles, and our operators are highly trained and professional so there’s no need to worry about your vehicle incurring transmission damage.

Transporting oversized vehicles gets tricky due to this limitation, so the operator needs to remove the driveline before starting the tow to avoid ruining the transmission. Moving the vehicle just slightly without removing the driveline can cause catastrophic damage, so it’s important to hire an experienced heavy-duty tow truck service in Palm Beach to effectively transport your vehicle damage-free.

Kauff’s Transportation Systems can handle recoveries, emergency towing, and long distance transports for all of your oversized vehicles with the utmost professionalism and reliability you’ve come to expect from Kauff’s.

Final word

When your truck breaks down, getting the right company to transport your vehicle may seem difficult. Think of Kauff’s Transportation Systems to recover, transport or our tow truck service in Palm Beach and throughout Florida. We offer nationwide service, call us 24/7 at 800-432-7182

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