Kauffs Towing

Kauff’s Is the Best Choice for All Your Delray Beach Towing

There’s no comparison when it comes to expert service

When it comes to towing, not all services are created equal. Some can only handle light-duty towing, or they are unable to provide specialized transport, or if they do they are still unequipped to handle anything too extreme, like an airplane or a boat. And, even if they can provide these services, many towing companies do not have the necessary fleet numbers to carry them out in a timely manner. Kauff’s is different because we are more than prepared to offer these specialized services and to do it with passion, efficiency and the highest quality of service in the Delray Beach and South Florida area.

There’s nothing we can’t handle

For light and heavy-duty towing, as well as the rest of our services, our dispatchers provide personalized service twenty-four hours a day, which means you never have to speak to a machine and we’re ready to roll out as quickly as possible to help you. At Kauff’s your situation is assessed quickly and the right kind of vehicle is sent out to help you within minutes of your call. In an emergency situation, time is a major factor and that is why efficiency is one of our highest priorities. When it comes to recovery, we have you covered no matter what the situation, including rollovers, air cushion recovery, hazardous material containment and even underwater recovery with experienced divers assisting. Our recovery teams have taken on trailers, semis, boats, and even aircraft. Our wide variety of transport vehicles can take on nearly any type of specialized transport job that you need handled. At Kauff’s, we are licensed and insured to transport your oversized, overweight or overlong equipment anywhere in North America. Whether it’s a forklift, boat, airplane or even a concrete bridge, we’ve got it taken care of with our expert team.

Final word

Since 1969, we’ve been serving Delray Beach and the South Florida area and providing light and heavy-duty towing as well as extreme and specialized recovery and transport with the largest commercial towing fleet in Florida. There’s just no competition when it comes to towing, recovery and transport.

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