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How to Choose a Truck Service Shop

At Kauff’s Transportation Systems, we have a fleet of many types of towing vehicles and equipment. Because of that, we have experience in selecting mechanics and truck service shops for a variety of trucks. There are a few differences between choosing a mechanic for your truck and choosing a typical car repair shop.
Diesel or truck repair is more specialized than typical auto repair. Trucks are also, more often than not, used commercially. Which means it’s vitally important for you and your customers to be able to rely on your vehicle. Finally, as a business, you need to keep your bottom line in check. So your mechanic has to be affordable and competitively priced.
With those factors in mind here are a few considerations to make before choosing a truck service shop.

Look for Convenience

Finding the best mechanic at the lowest price is ideal but convenience is also important. If it takes too long for your vehicle to be serviced, you may be wasting time and money. If a more expensive mechanic can get you in and out faster, your truck will be available to turn a profit even sooner.

Look for Warranties

Some repair shops offer warranties on repairs but the existence of warranties and their extent can widely vary from shop to shop. Asking about warranties ahead of time can help you determine what might happen if a faulty repair causes you to spend more money.

Ask Friends and Collogues

Firsthand experience is the best way to find out if a truck repair shop is ideal for you. If you have friends or collogues that have to use a particular mechanic, ask them about their experience. They’ll be able to tell you about pricing, timeliness, and the quality of service.

Consider Hiring a Staff Mechanic

At a certain level, the most cost-effective and reliable option is to hire a staff mechanic. If you have a large fleet of vehicles that see heavy use, an in-house mechanic can not only repair vehicles when they have issues, they can stay on top of preventative maintenance that can prolong the life and quality of your trucks.

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